This is a book about how changes in the environment change the formation of our perceptions. The impetus for producing this book came from reading "プチ哲学 " where the only thing that changes is the framework in which we see, but our understanding is completely different. I was amazed at the moment when the visual language changed. When we see something, we wonder if we really think it is what we see. For example, when we look at something, we don't see it in its entirety. We are influenced by the environment, public opinion, etc., and we make decisions based on one side of the information. This judgment is just the result of our predictions. But sometimes these predictions are not true, and the facts may be events that we never imagined.

We need to know that when we look at things, we are always looking at them from a certain frame of reference. I would like you to reconsider the fact that the information you have received from people in this book has caused you to make subjective judgments about your own thoughts as well as surprise you when the results you predicted and the facts are not what you expected.