Visual And Auditory Information


この映像は、視覚情報と聴覚情報を分けて、人に音から動作を想像させると動作から音を想像させる。さらに、一つ動作が異なる音を加えて、頭の中に二つ以上の解釈を出てくるかもしれません。動作の動きによって人にどうな反応を与えるのか、どんな解釈を出てくるこ とに探求する実験映像。

Commonly used daily actions are not only judged by sight. There is a lot of information hidden in the process of using daily necessities. For example, the sounds of daily necessities and changes in the objects they are used for. I separated the visual from the auditory, and presented images that made people imagine the action from the sound, and images that made people imagine the sound from the action. Furthermore, it is possible to create a framework in which the interpretation of the same action can be changed by changing the sound. I am considering this kind of framework.