Burn Time

Object, Clay, 

子供の頃ときは、時間に対してゆっくりと感じた。年をとるに連れて時間に対する気持ちは変化する。二十歳と二歳の感覚は全然違う。二歳の時は早く大人になりたい。でも今は二十歳になると、時が経つのが早いと思う。この作品の造形は、異なる年齢層によって違う感覚を表現するために、ろうそくの燃焼速度がますます速くなることで1から20までの成長過程を表し、その時間の流れの早さがもたらす緊迫感を表したい。1の場合ろうそくの火は大きいが、ろうそくはあまり溶けない。20になるほどロウソクの火は小さいがどんどん溶ける。このことで 時間に対する恐怖や心理的変化を描き。今を生きる20代の人々の不安とヤキモキする心境と生活における時間を重視して表す作品。

When I was a child, I felt that time was slow. As we get older, our feelings about time change. The feeling of being 20 years old is completely different from that of being 2 years old. When I was two years old, I wanted to grow up quickly. But now, when I am twenty, I feel that time is passing quickly. For the modeling of this work, in order to express the different sensations of different age groups, I want to represent the process of growth from one to twenty by making the candle burn faster and faster, and the sense of urgency brought about by the rapid flow of time. I wanted to depict the fear of time and the psychological change. This work focuses on the anxiety and frustration of people in their twenties living in the present and the time in their lives.